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Welcome to Larger Parish Church

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ. May God bless you as you celebrate Christ’s presence in your life.

This is the greeting we give to every soul that passes through the doors of our Church.

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Worship Services Are

For The Believer...

For the believer it is to truly celebrate Christ’s presence in their lives. Through our worship we seek encouragement, instruction in holiness, and the strengthening of our faith. We hope to provide a true sanctuary from the world, where ones troubles can be left behind, and we can find strength in the Lord Jesus.

For The Lost...

For the unbeliever it is our hope to provide a place that God can send the weary and down trodden, a place where they may find what they are missing in their lives, the thing we pray they may find in the worshipers who fill God’s house, and that thing is God’s love and forgiveness. We hope to show them the "way".

God's Alter

Our Worship


Our church sanctuary shows the deep roots of traditional religion. Our history can be traced back to the late 1800’s in the Presbyterian Church. At one time our church housed three denominations, all at one time, Presbyterian USA, United Methodist, and American Baptist. As of today our church is no longer associated with any national denomination. We see ourselves as an independent church led by Christ Jesus. Our break from organized denominations was made in order that we as a group of believers could follow after the teachings of the Bible in their original form without any hindrance from the adherence to denominational tradition or the dictation of personal doctrine from outside organizations. We recognize that God holds His church accountable for it’s works and teachings (Rev 2 & 3) and therefore we stand firm in the belief that each church should be an autonomous group of believers led by and accountable to God for their response to His revealed truth found in the Bible.


With that understanding our worship service is directed towards the proclamation of God’s Word and most importantly in the application of the truths revealed to us from His Word. Our worship is centered around God’s love and forgiveness and the gathering together of His children in mutual support and encouragement. Our service begins with greeting one another into God’s House, is centered around prayer, and ends with Christian fellowship.

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Come And Join Us...

We would like to personally invite you to worship with us for all those who seek Him are welcome.