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Christian Education VBS

At LPC we consider our Sunday School program to be one of the main building blocks for our Christian faith. It is where we have the opportunity to not only hear the word of God spoken to us but more importantly it is a place that each one of us can share in the learning process. For the school age classes we us study materials provided by David C. Cook ministries, and for our adult classes we are currently using materials provided by Lifeway. Our classes are structured around the idea of   learning about God through study of the Bible with a strong focus on making application of God's revealed truth in our live. It is here where Sunday School finds its importance in the life of the believer. It is in these classes that the believer not only has a chance to seek guidance in living a more sanctified life but it is also a place that we can share with one another the life lessons that our journey with Christ has taught us. It is our goal to make our Sunday School a place to learn, to gain understanding, and to receive encouragement as we continue to mature in our faith and understanding of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Please meet our Sunday School Classes

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Preschool - Teacher Mrs.Linda Miller

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1st-3rd grades - Teacher Mrs.Tracy Scott

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4th-6th grades - Teacher Mr. Paul Mess

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7th-12th grades - Teacher Mrs. Tina Karnes

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Young Adults - Teacher Mrs. Valerie Flint

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Senior Adults - Teacher Mr. Mike Miller